Fact Vs. Fiction

Who Do You Trust?

When it comes to finally getting more roads and freeways throughout Pinal County, a citizen driven and demanded plan crafted over years, who do you trust to solve these problems and keep Pinal County moving in the right direction?

The Locals...

City of Coolidge Mayor John Thompson | City of Apache Junction Mayor Chip Wilson | Pinal County Supervisor Mike Goodman | Pinal County Supervisor Jeffrey McClure | Former Pinal County Supervisor Anthony Smith | Former DPS Director and Former Pinal County Sheriff Roger Vandrpool | City of Maricopa Councilmember Nancy Smith | Former Pinal County Supervisor Pete Rios | City of Casa Grande Mayor Craig McFarland | Town of Superior Mayor Mila Besich | City of Maricopa Vice Mayor Vincent Manfredi | Patricia King, Pinal Alliance for Economic Growth | Pinal County Supervisor Stephen Miller | Town of Queen Creek Council Member Dawn Oliphant | Town of Queen Creek Council Member Robin Benning | Town of Queen Creek Vice Mayor Jeff Brown | Town of Queen Creek Mayor-Elect Julia Wheatley | Pinal County Attorney Kent Volkmer | Christian Price, Maricopa Economic Development Alliance |

...Or A Notorious Political Special Interest In Phoenix

Arizona Free Enterprise Club
(See Arizona Republic Articles, 2016 and 2017)

Tall Tales From A Pinnochio In Phoenix


Pinal County already has a tax that can pay for the new roads and freeways in Propositions 469.


There is no magical, make-believe money for all of the new roads and freeways to bring you traffic relief. The federal government is broke, and Arizona has a backlog of “800 years.” And Pinal County’s existing road funds are tapped out, being used to expand and maintain EXISTING roads from the Hunt Highway to SaddleBrooke area to Casa Grande, and all communities throughout Pinal County. And these funds are set to expire in 2025 meaning Pinal County may soon have little to no money for ANY transportation help. Pinal County citizens have already been paying this tax, this is simply an authorization of the use of the tax and the green light to put the funds to good use.


Pinal County has misspent transportation dollars in the past therefore we can’t give them more money to help with new roads and freeways now.


Nonsense. A state auditor’s report found Pinal County’s overall existing expenditures on current road and maintenance plans to be commendable. They specifically cited two small communities, not Pinal County, for areas that could be improved. So because of two small issues in the past we aren’t going to trust the Pinal County leaders who have our area headed in the right direction to improve our futures?


There aren’t enough local roads in the package for me or my community.


Proposition 469 isn’t meant to pay for and build smaller roads. That’s what other county revenues and taxes are used for. These propositions, for the first time, are meant to establish major new freeways, roadways and connections to form a countywide-regional transportation system to relieve existing highways, I-10 and other dangerous or congested areas to get you and public safety personnel around faster. Imagine Maricopa or Pima counties without such a system. With massive growth over the past decade and traffic fatalities on the rise, we need a plan NOW to alleviate problems today and moving into the future.

Don't Just Ask Yourself Who You Trust Ask This Too:
If not traffic relief now, when? If not this plan, what?

Vote Yes on Propositions 469!