How it works

Few people like taxes but they are necessary for essential government functions like jails, roads and freeways.

To fund the new transportation infrastructure plan outlined in Proposition 416 a very small increase in the Pinal County sales tax is necessary. That’s what Proposition 417 is. Both must pass to make the new roads and freeways a reality.

Pinal County leaders chose a sales tax on purchases up to $10,000 within Pinal County. There is no increase on purchases over $10,000 for such things as automobiles, tractors and other more expensive purchases, saving taxpayers money. Also, there is no increase or impact on your property taxes unless the new roads and freeways lead to more businesses locating here (a distinct possibility) in which case the property tax rate would go down for homeowners as the business base expands.

You will only be impacted by the one-half of one-cent increase in the sales tax when you shop in Pinal County. This structure has been used by Maricopa County, Pima County and many other counties to pay for roads and freeways there.

A sales tax also is also beneficial to taxpayers because visitors to Pinal County help pay for our new roads and freeways when they spend money here.

If Propositions 416 and 417 are passed a new Regional Transportation Authority, made up of Pinal County mayors and supervisors will govern expenditures on the projects described in the propositions. This is very similar to the structure in other Arizona counties. Additionally, a Citizens’ Oversight Committee would be established to oversee the process, an additional accountability measure suggested by several business leaders. The committee will be made up of residents from incorporated and unincorporated communities.

Finally, these propositions are being proposed because Pinal County citizens have demanded such transportation solutions for years. Existing road funds are set to expire in 2025 and are not nearly sufficient to pay for the critical new roads and freeways in Propositions 416 and 417. Additionally, neither the State of Arizona nor federal government has the money or interest in paying for the needs Pinal County has today, needs that will only get worse over time if not addressed.

In summary, Pinal County has listened to residents over many years and come up with new roads and freeways to be used by and benefit all residents with a very small increase in the sales tax rate, not property tax, that will only impact you when you buy items in Pinal County. The county estimates the impact to the average Pinal County household – not person – of $7.33 per month or 24 cents per day.