New Projects

The Pinal Regional Transportation Authority (PRTA) put together a great plan with input from all over Pinal County. It includes:

North-South Parkway

A 36-mile North-South Parkway Corridor between the US 60 in Apache Junction, and the Kortsen-Kleck roadway alignment in the City of Coolidge, connecting to I-10.

East-West Parkway

A 4-mile East-West Parkway near San Tan Valley that connects State Route 24 at Ironwood Drive to the future alignment of the North-South Parkway Corridor to the East. The development of 164 new Parkway lane miles throughout Pinal County.

Traffic Interchange

The construction of a Traffic Interchange at Interstate 10 and Kortsen Road.

Lanes in Pinal-Maricopa County

Adding two additional lanes along SR 347 between the Pinal-Maricopa County line and the City of Maricopa.

Adding East-West Roadway

Adding a 21-mile East-West Roadway Corridor connecting Maricopa with Casa Grande.

Roadway Improvements

Approximately 50 miles of regional roadway improvements for connectivity and economic development.

New Travel Lanes

The addition of 100 new travel lane miles throughout the Pinal Region for arterial and local roadways.

I-8 Lane Preservation

The preservation of right of way for a 31-mile corridor for the future I-11 between the Pinal-Maricopa County line and Interstate 8.

I-10 Preservation

The preservation of the remaining 15-mile segment of needed right of way for the construction of the North-South Parkway Corridor between the City of Coolidge and Interstate 10.

Access to Jobs

Needed access and capacity to the Region’s emerging job centers.

Park and Ride

The construction of Park and Ride facilities located throughout Pinal County.

Funding for Dial-A-Ride

The expansion of annual funding for Dial-a-Ride services to assist people with disabilities, seniors, and members of the general public; and the provision of annual operational funding for existing transit systems.

Preservation of Funding for Less Populated Areas

The preservation of annual project funding for less populated municipalities in the region, to be used for local road projects in Superior, Mammoth, Kearny, and Eloy.