Jeff McClure
, Chairman, Pinal County Board of Supervisors

Proposition 469 Will Keep Traffic Moving and Help Keep Us Safer

Whether it’s the price of gas, a constantly changing economy, or rapid growth, the need for quality roads and freeways has never been greater in Pinal County.

I serve District Four and our great county as Chairman of the Pinal County Board of Supervisors, and I am asking you to vote YES on Proposition 469 to pay for needed new roads, freeways, and traffic infrastructure.

The plan will fund the construction of the future Arizona Sonoran Parkway (previously known as the North/South Freeway) to help motorists travel the heart of Pinal County and much of the northern section of District 4. Plus, it provides an annual allocation for local project funding for the Town of Mammoth as well as funds for a right of way for the future Interstate 11.

Prop 469 will help keep property taxes low. New infrastructure encourages strong economic growth which creates new tax revenue streams. The result is lower property taxes and a higher quality of life.

This plan also enables police, fire, and emergency medical professionals to get to you faster, when minutes count. Better roads also help reduce accidents to keep us all safer.

Commuters need to get to work, parents need to get their kids to school, and seniors should be able to visit friends and relatives without enduring traffic jams. 

This transportation plan and a tax to pay for it were approved by voters in 2017, but special interests outside Pinal County convinced the Arizona Supreme Court to strike down the tax. Prop 469 would simply fix what was already approved. It’s not a tax hike.

Pinal County deserves transportation infrastructure to keep us all moving forward.

Patti King, 
Executive Manager
, Pinal Alliance for Economic Growth

Transportation Infrastructure Helps Drive Our Local Economy. Please vote YES on  Proposition 469. 

As Executive Manager of the Pinal Alliance for Economic Growth, I understand that our local economy  depends on keeping people and commerce moving in Pinal County. Unfortunately, our current system of  streets and highways just isn’t doing the job. This lack of infrastructure deters new businesses and  industries from locating in Pinal County. That’s why I am voting YES on Proposition 469

It will fund a long list of transportation projects that will keep traffic moving and our local economy strong. This includes a much-needed east-west highway that links Casa Grande to the City of Maricopa.  These improvements will help the new manufacturing corridor with Lucid Motors, move goods, and  reduce congestion. 

So many people are moving to Pinal County. It would be great if more of our friends and neighbors could  work here as well. Improved infrastructure will bring more job creators to our local communities. That could actually help curb some rush hour traffic. 

Improved infrastructure also attracts more restaurants and retail so we can shop local. 

This new economic activity will help keep property taxes low while improving our quality of life.  Proposition 469 is a smart and well-planned investment in our county. Please vote YES.

Pete Rios, Former Pinal County Supervisor

Let’s Move Pinal County Forward. Vote Yes on Prop 469

No matter what side of the political aisle you may be on, I think we can all agree that traffic in Pinal County is going from bad to worse.

That’s why I hope you will join me in voting YES on Prop 469 which would fund infrastructure county wide to keep traffic moving. It ensures our first responders have the roads and freeways they need to reach you as quickly as possible. It helps you get to work or school on new roads that are safer and easier to travel. It provides the infrastructure to keep our economy moving,

This measure would revise a half cent sales tax that was approved by voters in 2017. Special interests based in Phoenix convinced the Arizona Supreme Court to reject the tax in a split decision.

Prop  469 restores the tax at the same rate. It is not a tax hike. It also funds the transportation plan voters approved in 2017.

Those projects include a 21 mile East-West Corridor between Maricopa and Casa Grande which will extend east through northern Casa Grande to I-10. 

There is also a 36 mile, north-south, four-lane highway between U.S. Highway 60 in Apache Junction connecting to the I-10 via the 14 mile corridor to Kortsen/Kleck Road south of Coolidge to Casa Grande.

And funding would be set aside for Dial-a-Ride programs which help our seniors and the disabled.

 I served as a Pinal County Supervisor from 2009 to 2020. Before that, I served in the Arizona Legislature. My more than 30 years of public service have taught me that we all benefit from quality infrastructure.

Please join me in voting yes on Proposition 469

Kent Volkmer, Pinal County Attorney


Part of my responsibility as the Pinal County Attorney is to promote, support and ensure public safety.

With nearly 500,000 residents now calling Pinal County home, our road infrastructure requires a massive upgrade. 

When minutes may mean the difference between life and death, new better roads enable law enforcement and first responders to arrive on emergency scenes faster. While no one likes new taxes, this proposed revenue stream funds our needed, voter approved, and comprehensive regional transportation plan. 

Because our continued safety requires the construction of new and additional roads, I fully support Proposition 469 and encourage you to vote YES in November.

Vincent Manfredi, Vice Mayor, City of Maricopa

We can improve the quality of life in Pinal County for years to come by voting  YES on Proposition 469. 

Prop 469 would fund new roads and freeways all over Pinal County. 

Among many other projects the half cent sales tax would help to expand State  Route 347 from 4 to 6 lanes and give motorists another route to I-10 via a new 21-  mile East-West Corridor too. 

Pinal County transportation infrastructure is not keeping up with growth. In 2017,  voters approved this transportation plan along with the sales tax to fund it. Unfortunately, special interests outside of our county sued and managed to get the  tax overturned in a split decision of the Arizona Supreme Court. 

Prop 469 simply revises the tax language to pass legal muster. It does not increase  the rate. 

Please Vote YES on Proposition 469.

Christian Price, President & CEO, Maricopa Economic Development Alliance (MEDA) - Former Mayor of City of Maricopa

As the former Mayor, myself, and the entire city team for the past 10+ years have worked  diligently to get all the moving parts ready to get the SR347 fixed. From the “how and what  needs to be fixed”, to working with the Gila River Indian Community to obtain their approvals  to work together to find mutually acceptable solutions. We now have GRIC’s permission, and  the critical 3yr scoping study is completed. Now we need the funding to build it! Prop. 469  helps provide that funding. 

In 2017, voters in their wisdom APPROVED this funding, but a sharply divided AZ  Supreme Court struck it down on a wording technicality. The proposition before you how,  is the corrected wording as directed by the Supreme Court. 

Every Maricopa citizen knows what a struggle the 347 can be, but WITHOUT THIS  FUNDING don’t count on its construction any time soon. However, with your help, roads  that Maricopan’s rely on like the 347 and the Desert Sonoran Parkway and other critical  Pinal County transportation corridors can be newly built or improved upon. 

Also, as Maricopa strives to attract major corporate interests, such as, advanced  manufacturing, the semi-conductor industry, corporations, and headquarters of all kinds…  these businesses also desire the ability to move their goods and services effectively & safely,  just like you do for your own family. 

Furthermore, with the State pushing to construct and widen the I-10 through the start of the  347 at Queen Creek Blvd., let’s control our own destiny and directly pay for the roadways we  want built! Remember this is not a new funding mechanism, we’ve already been doing it for  the past 5yrs. This is just simply a formal renewed authorization of what we intended to  happen in 2017. 

Please join me in voting YES on Prop 469!

Mike Goodman, Pinal County Supervisor

VOTE YES ON PROP 469 To End Traffic Jams And Keep Our County Moving In The Right Direction.

Like many of you, I am blessed to call San Tan Valley my home. It is my privilege to serve our community as a member of the Pinal County Board of Supervisors.

We have a great county, but our transportation challenges need to be addressed. This was one of the primary reasons I ran for office, and is why I support Proposition 469, which will fund new roads and freeways all over Pinal County.

This includes the State Route 24 Parkway through San Tan Valley, which would be a new four-mile long, four-lane east-west parkway between State Route 24 at Ironwood Road to the West, and the future alignment of the North-South Parkway to the East. The plan also calls for a four-lane roadway in Casa Grande from Thornton Road to the west, to the future North-South Parkway to the East, located near Coolidge and connecting to Florence, San Tan and Apache Junction/Gold Canyon.

There is also a long list of other projects designed to address traffic needs in every corner of the county. The need for better roads hit home for my family in 2017 when my daughter and her husband were on their way to the doctor to have their baby delivered. On the way they became stuck in a traffic jam for 90 minutes.

Thankfully they did just fine, but there were some tense moments.

I wanted to share this with you because it’s one more reason I am voting yes on Prop 469.

New roads and freeways will help boost our economy, reduce response times for police and fire, and provide funds for Dial-A-Ride, that will greatly benefit both seniors and the disabled.

Please join me in voting YES on Prop 469.v

Mark Lamb, Pinal County Sheriff

As your Sheriff it’s my responsibility to keep Pinal County safe. In order to do that, my deputes need to get to you quickly in a crisis. In my line of work seconds count when lives are at stake. 

That’s why I am supporting Prop 469 which will fund a comprehensive plan to build new roads and freeways in and for Pinal County. Lives depend on quality infrastructure.

This infrastructure is desperately needed. When you have been in an accident you depend on emergency crews to get there immediately. If someone is breaking into your house, your life may depend on one of my deputies getting to your home without delay.

And the sheriff’s office depends on quality roads and freeways to get where we need to be, when you need us most. That’s also true for police officers, fire fighters, and paramedics.
The roads and freeways that would be built with funds raised from Prop 469 will save lives. This quality infrastructure will also help public safety by helping prevent motor vehicle accidents. Our current freeways and roads are struggling to handle the rapid growth in Pinal County, often leading to more traffic accidents. This transportation plan will help keep us our roads and loved ones safe.

As Sheriff, I serve ALL of Pinal County, and so does this transportation plan.

It provides specific benefits to every corner of Pinal County.

Help public safety and keep traffic moving. Please vote yes on Proposition 469.

Chip Wilson, Mayor, City of Apache Junction

Prop 469 benefits Apache Junction and all of Pinal County 

Apache Junction, like the rest of Pinal County, is in desperate need of new roads and freeways. 

Voting yes on Proposition 469 will fund a long list of needed projects countywide. Of particular  interest to the northern part of the county is a planned 36-mile north-south freeway that would  connect U.S. 60 in Apache Junction south through Pinal County to Coolidge. Along with the future  extension of State Route 24 from Ironwood Drive to U.S. 60, these projects will help decongest the  traffic in the Gold Canyon area as well. 

The original transportation plan was approved by voters in 2017 along with the sales tax to pay for  it. Unfortunately, that tax was invalidated by the Arizona Supreme Court. Prop 469 simply revises  the verbiage that was approved in 2017. It does not increase the tax rate. 

As mayor of Apache Junction, I am proud to say our city and Pinal County are great places to live  and work. However, traffic congestion is going from bad to worse and it is eroding our quality of  life. 

That congestion also is a threat to public safety as traffic jams can slow down first responders. 

Whether you are headed to work, driving the kids to soccer practice, or traveling to visit your  grandchildren, you deserve the transportation infrastructure that gets you where you need to go  without endless delays. I supported this plan in 2017 and am proud to do so again, serving as the  treasurer of the committee that seeks its passage. 

Please vote YES on Prop 469.

Jon Thompson , Mayor, City of Coolidge

VOTE YES on Proposition 469 For New and Improved Transportation Infrastructure to Keep Driving  Pinal County Towards Success 

If you are reading this and drive a vehicle, then you know how transportation infrastructure impacts  your personal life. Many issues come and go, but there is one constant. There will always be some·  form of transportation infrastructure needed to move people and goods safely and efficiently. 

Traffic congestion is a very real issue, and the current growth Pinal County has been experiencing for  the past 20 years has created a number of transportation infrastructure challenges. 

How much more potential economic prosperity could Pinal County gain if we were able to keep up  with the transportation infrastructure needs? How many jobs could be created in key industry sectors  if we had the ability to place roadways where they are needed? “If you will build it, they will come.” 

It’s time to move forward to provide what is needed for safer and more reliable roadways. We the  people need them, our first responders need them, and quite frankly, our pocketbooks need them.  How much wasted time and money have we lost idling in highly congested traffic? With Proposition  469 will be able to keep moving forward with the transportation plan that was already approved by  the voters to build and enhance new and existing roadways, and provide other expansion  opportunities for transit related activities for our most vulnerable citizens. 

That is why, as the Mayor for the City of Coolidge I am voting YES on Proposition 469. I’ve been  concerned for not only the citizens in the City of Coolidge, but for all who live in Pinal County,  especially when it concerns how we all move about Pinal County.

Craig McFarland, Mayor, City of Casa Grande

Prop 469 is Good for Casa Grande and All of Pinal County 

Driving in Pinal County is becoming more of a challenge every year. Our roads and freeways are not  keeping up with growth. 

As Mayor of Casa Grande, I am concerned about this lack of infrastructure as it impacts residents in our  City as well as communities all over Pinal County. 

That’s why I support Proposition 469 and I am asking you to do the same. 

This measure will fund new roads, parkways, and freeways in Casa Grande and all over Pinal County

This plan, and a sales tax to fund it, was approved by voters in 2017. Unfortunately, special interests  outside of Pinal County sued our county. The sales tax was overturned but the transportation plan  remains. We just need to fund it. 

This is not a tax rate increase. It simply modifies the old tax which was overturned in court. The half cent  rate won’t change. It was estimated to cost the average family about $7.33 per month when it was  originally approved by voters. That’s about $8.75 today adjusted for inflation. 

The transportation plan includes three East-West Corridors between Casa Grande – Maricopa, Casa  Grande – Coolidge/North South Parkway, Casa Grande – North South Parkway (just north of Eloy). This  North South Parkway will connect from 1-10 near Eloy all the way to Apache Junction/Gold Canyon. 

It also includes completion of a Major 1-10 Interchange at Kortsen Rd. and widening of Thornton Rd. and  Peters Rd. in Casa Grande. 

This infrastructure is needed now more than ever to keep traffic moving, to help first responders reach  you faster, and to grow our economy. Please vote YES on Prop 469 to keep Casa Grande and Pinal  County moving in the right direction.

Mila Besich, Mayor & Business Owner, Town of Superior

Support for Proposition 469 

Pinal County is growing, there is no doubt it. We can no longer continue to assume that the  transit corridors of the past, will lead us into the future. In order to develop the infrastructure  we need for the future, we must fund the plan on our own, we can no longer continue to wait  for grants or state funding, we must take action of our own to preserve our future. 

The transportation plan that Pinal County voters approved in 2017 includes projects across  Pinal County, and even provides direct local roads funding for our smallest and older towns  such as my community of Superior, Arizona. Proposition 469 will fund these needed projects.  For Town’s like Superior, Kearny, Mammoth and Eloy, Proposition 469 will be a tremendous  boost to our local road budgets bringing in $450,000 a year. This will allow these tiny towns to  repair and maintain their roadways. For Superior, this will mean we an accelerator our road  maintenance and preservation plan, which likely will include full road replacements in some  high traffic areas. 

Superior and all of Pinal County needs to address our transportation infrastructure urgently.  I encourage you to please support Prop. 469 and help us ensure we have the infrastructure to  take us well into the future. 

Nancy Smith, City of Maricopa City Council Member

IMPROVE SR347! The City of Maricopa NEEDS Proposition 469 to be passed by the voters to have the  best chance to improve SR347! This is our city’s major road to move traffic in and out of the City of  Maricopa. The state and ADOT may contribute to the cost and some funds will come from Federal  infrastructure bills, but these combined funds DO NOT total to the amount needed to complete the job! If  we want a safer and less congested SR347, we must pass this proposition. It’s the ONLY way it’s going  to get done! Please vote YES on Proposition 469.

Vice Mayor Jeff Brown; Mayor Elect, Julia Wheatley; Councilmember Robin Benning; Councilmember Dawn Oliphant

As residents and community leaders, we recognize the importance of a resilient and well-built transportation network. That is why we are urging residents of Pinal County to support Proposition 469, the PINAL COUN1Y 2022 REGIONAL TRANSPORTATION EXCISE TAX in the upcoming general election.

In 2017, the voters of Pinal County approved the Pinal County Regional Transportation Plan. Implementing this 1⁄2 cent sales tax would help reach the goal of properly funding the Pinal Regional Transportation Authority plan that was approved by the voters in 2017. This 1⁄2 cent tax will provide funding to improve transportation in order to move residents, goods, and services around the county and to strengthen the county’s economy.

Transportation needs in the region are growing exponentially. The southeast Valley and northwest Pinal County are consistently in the top five areas of growth within our state. Without adequate transportation investments, the region cannot support additional growth without constricting community resources.

Queen Creek’s growth rate averages about 9% annually! Transportation needs of this magnitude require regional solutions like Proposition 469.

Without this tax, there will not be adequate funding to widen existing roadways/parkways, construct the extension of SR24 from Ironwood to the Pinal Parkway (which would remove thousands of vehicles per day off of already constructed arterial roads that today carry freeway level volumes of traffic), and build other local transportation projects as outlined in the approved Regional Plan.

You can Support building out the Pinal Regional Transportation Plan by voting YES on November 8, 2022.

Anthony Smith, Former Pinal County Supervisor

Pinal County and many of our communities are once again leading Arizona in the rate of  population growth, growing living wage jobs and making us a leader in economic prosperity. To  keep this economic development engine humming, a safe and reliable transportation network is  a must and why I’m asking you to join me in voting Yes on the ½ cent transportation tax. 

But before I get too far into this statement, let me recap where we were back in 2017 when this  was previously on the ballot. Our roads were becoming less safe with an increasing number of  fatalities and severely congested. Help from the State and the Feds was pretty much non existent. Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) was severely underfunded and basically  in a maintenance mode. Congress was inept and we couldn’t depend on our federal  representatives to push for our local projects. Not much has changed and we’ve already lost five 

The good news is that the transportation plan voters approved in 2017 is still the plan of record  and will be the official plan for improving our road network for the next twenty years. The  question now before voters is do you support a½ cent sales tax to fund the previously approved  2017 transportation plan? I hope your answer is YES. 

We are at a crossroads; our roads are not keeping up with our growth. Our first responders  need reliable roads. We need a safe and viable transportation system that will extend our  prosperity well into the next decades. Waiting makes our roads less safe and multiplies the  many hours we spend on roads already heavily congested. If we are to improve road safety and  continue our economic growth and prosperity, please join me in voting YES on Proposition 469.

Roger Vanderpool, Casa Grande Resident, Former DPS Director, Former Pinal County Sheriff

Please Vote YES on Prop 469 for a Safer Pinal County 

It was my honor to serve as Pinal County Sheriff and the Director of the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The decades I spent in law enforcement taught me several important lessons. One of them is the critical role roads and freeways play when it comes to public safety. 

This is especially true in Pinal County which is in dire need of transportation infrastructure. In an auto  accident or when someone needs urgent assistance, police, deputies, firefighters, and paramedics need  reliable freeways and roads. Seconds count and lives are at stake. Traffic jams and outdated  infrastructure are more than an annoyance, they can cost lives. 

It’s also true that up to date transportation infrastructure will prevent traffic accidents in Pinal County. I  have seen far too many lives lost because of inadequate infrastructure. We can do better. 

Proposition 469 will fund a comprehensive plan to improve roads and freeways in Pinal County. Indeed,  voters approved the plan in 2017. It just needs to be funded

Government’s primary responsibility is the safety of the people it serves. That’s why I am voting yes on  Prop 469 and I hope you will do the same. Let’s keep traffic moving and our people safe.

Stephen Q. Miller, Pinal County Supervisor

PLEASE VOTE YES ON PROP 469: Pinal County Needs More Roads And More Freeways Now. 

Traffic in Pinal County continues to be a challenge, and we now have an opportunity to fund some  desperately needed infrastructure that will keep traffic moving and our economy heading in the right  direction. Please vote YES on Proposition 469. 

I live in Casa Grande I am proud to serve Pinal County as a County Supervisor. 

Pinal County is a great place to live, but our roads and freeways need to do a better job to get us where  we are going. 

The projects that would be funded with the passage of Prop 469 would solve the traffic issues facing  Casa Grande as well as the entire county. 

I am especially enthused about the plan’s new 21 mile four lane East-West Corridor connecting  Maricopa and Casa Grande and tying into 1-10. 

Plans also call for widening Peters Road from two lanes to four lanes from Burris Road to the West, to  Thornton Road to the East, located in Casa Grande. 

It’s a great traffic plan that was approved by voters in 2017. Unfortunately, special interests outside Pinal  County managed to get the tax that was supposed to pay for the plan tossed out by a split decision of the  Arizona Supreme Court. Prop 469 simply fixes the sales tax allowing us to get moving on these needed  road improvements. It’s not a tax hike. 

This traffic plan will allow our first responders to get to our homes and businesses faster. It will also help  reduce traffic accidents. This new infrastructure will help bring more job creators to Pinal County so  more residents can work in local communities. There are also funds set aside for Dial-A-Ride programs  that help serve seniors and the disabled. This plan will not raise property taxes. I am proud to serve as  Chairman of the citizens committee supporting this plan and I ask you to vote YES on Prop 469.